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stop unibet czech republic


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in the Czech Republic was stopped activity.
I have an account on a cash game and tournament and SNG tickets.
I do not know when it will be possible to play again, but it is likely that it will be sooner than a month.
You can restore expired tickets.
Thank you

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so I do not have tickets to constantly change in order to prolong the validity.
to be allowed to play again in the Czech Republic, write here, and you add on my tickets.
When you sign unibet.com will be redirected to unibet.cz

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Important notice for the Czech market - additional information

As we mentioned last week, due to new legislation in the Czech Republic was forced to temporarily restrict UNIBET new registrations. This limitation of the Ministry of Finance was also added to the demand for a complete stop providing services. It means that you can not bet or not to use our products.

As customers but you will still be able to login to your gaming account and withdraw your money.

All bets were not settled until 25 January to 12:00 pm., Will be canceled.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that will be the situation was resolved quickly.

Unibet Team CZ

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Unfortunately, I learned that Unibet finally ends in the Czech Republic. I am disappointed with this decision and we are certainly more.
There was my problem that I have a lot of cash on the account sng game and tournament tickets + I in January placed on Unibet 4 position in the league.
Can you please these tickets converting them into cash, since I no longer have the option to join.
thank you for understanding.

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