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Promo Idea(again) Newsletter related


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Select a member each week to select 6 bets on their favourite sport, 2 low odds,1.1 -1.5, 2 medium odds 1.5-2 2 high odds 2.0+.

Start off with the people that already do bets and then other people can ask to be bettor of the week.

Then people earn points for their biggest winning combo bet containing at least one the above bets.

5 points for low,10 points for medium, 20 points for large.

1 point for any other bet in the combo.

All bets need to finish before the next news letter.

If the bettor of the week gets 4-6 correct selections they win a prize.

Highest score of entrants wins a prize.

This could also be tied in with existing promos targeting particular games/events/sports and the bettor of the week that got selected that week would be someone who normally bets on them events. i.e if there was a free bet for tennis then Andrei would be a likely bettor of the week.

Maybe be same theory as slot of the week, someone can post one fantasy bet in the thread for a token prize and it’s a requirement that people post their betting slip before the games begin to be eligible for a prize. This should help build the post count.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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I think this promo would be a bit to specific towards some people. Promo's where only one player can participate seem not so good to me.

It could be done that everybody can place their 6 bets, and the ones with the highest scores proceed, untill one player remains.
So I understand that the max you could get would be 70 points. And maybe 10 players have this amount, they all go on to the next week. There, only 3 players get the maximum score and then the next week nobody gets 70 points, but the one with the most points there wins a prize.

Or a variation on the above.

You can just choose randomly 6 bets (or any other amount) and you get points based on your system. (or another)
So you could play risky and play 6 high odded bets but only score 3 of them (earn 60 points). Or you could do 5 middle bets and one high and get them all right and score 70 points.

Maybe it could be just with a weekly leaderboard. Everyday the participants need to post 3 bets (one of each type). Points get rewarded following your system. At the end of the week a prize will be given and you get yourself a story in the newsletter as better of the week.

I don't know. I'm just brainfarting :p


edit: Maybe I understood your post wrong? 

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I may have worded it bad.

Basically the one person is the expert giving there tips.

Then the other members make bets including the tips.

So the main prizes are to the members but as the tipster cant play that week, they still have a chance of a prize by so many of there tips winning.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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