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Your fifth bet is risk free (time based obstacle)


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tldr, but very important version: Place four separate Live bets of at least €5 on and get a Live risk free bet to use on the same day. After you have accepted the offer you'll have 24 hours to fulfill the requirements. Daychange do not  counts so it's possible to accept the offer on the afternoon and met the criteria on the next day's morning. But Warning! Achtung! Pozor! All the matches should be finish within the 24 hours timetframe after the first acceptance!



Long version: On 16-Jan-2017 17:39:00 I activated the bonus. The next day (17-01-2017) between 15:33:31 CET and 17:30:18 CET I placed  the required 4 bets (#1019897372, #1019919666, #1019965870, #1019982416). My fourth bet finished almost immediately (it was a will there be a deuce in the game bet), so my risk free bet option was appearing and I have accepted it again and placed a risky combo bet on the 17.34.38 CET(#1019986067) and of course I lost it. As you can see my pick was within the 24 hours timefrime but unfortunately the outcome of my slip was realised later. So I faced with an error message and the homepage showed that the bonus is incomplete. I turned to the LC support because I thought I did everything right and followed all the orders and fulfilled all the requirements.

Round one with the local agent: After checking my account(and of course after the well known security check procedure) the agent stated that I activated the bonus in one day so I should place the bets on the same day when I activated it. He was pretty sure that I made a mistake and should have placed all the bets in the same calendar day. It wasn't an easy round but I pointed that if he is right then the bonus should have been deleted after daychange. Fortunately he escalated a ticket toward to the bonus dept. Thank you bro (without sarcasm, I'm really appreciated it). It lasts 29 mins.

Second round: today I asked the international support( the local wasn't available) about the sequel. It was a nightmare.

[14:12:54] Me: Hi (agent's name)! Yesterday the (local) agent escalated a ticket due to my error of 5th bet is free promotion. Could you check it if I got any answer? Thank you
[14:13:22] Me: Oh, I think I should give my details. Let me ask:-)
[14:13:55] Agent: In-line with our security procedures, please can you tell me your address, date of birth and email address?
[14:14:35] Me: Sure: (I gave my details)
[14:14:52] Agent: Thank you! Please hold on, checking.
[14:15:03] Me: You are welcome
[14:20:54] Agent: Sir, I am sorry but you have not met the wagerinf requirements.
[14:21:21] Me: Sorry? Could you tell me the full answer please?
[14:21:36] Agent: You are not eligible for the bonus.
[14:21:47] Agent: On the 16th you placed only 1 eligible Euro 5 live bet-
[14:22:02] Agent: Hence did not meet the requirements.
[14:22:14] Me: We are speaking about the 17th requirements
[14:23:02] Me: On the 17th I placed the 4 I1m sure
[14:27:23] Agent: All 5 bets have to be placed on the same day sir.
[14:28:01] Me: Give me a sec please
[14:28:21] Agent: And the risk free bet had to be activated before placing the 5th bet.
[14:29:07] Agent: You didn't do that.
[14:29:30] Me: First bet placed: yesterday: 16:08:08 1019919666
[14:29:57] Me: And so on
[14:29:58] Agent: Sir only the ones after offer activation count.
[14:30:15] Agent: And the risk free bet you had to activate before you placed the 5th bet.
[14:30:26] Agent: I am sorry but you did not do that.
[14:30:48] Me: Ok, please help me in 2 things (agent's name)
[14:31:09] Agent: Sir, you did not qualify since you did not follow the rules.
[14:31:21] Agent: I am sorry but these are the same for all the players.
[14:31:31] Agent: To get a bonus you must follow these.
[14:31:34] Me: First: could you send me the answer from the bonus team? The full answer?
[14:31:45] Agent: Sir, there is nothing to add.
[14:31:55] Agent: You did not follow the instructions.
[14:32:01] Agent: Sorry but that's it.
[14:32:08] Agent: Kindly accept it.
[14:32:08] Me: Ok, then second:
[14:32:56] Me: Could you send my yesterday bets history in english?
[14:33:23] Agent: Sir, you have it on yout account and we do not have such possibility, sorry.
[14:33:42] Me: I need it on english. I think it is possible
[14:33:43] Agent: You did not activate the risk free bet when you had to, hence you did not qualify.
[14:34:13] Me: I want to check it again
[14:34:56] Agent: Sir, do you understand what means, you did not activate the risk free bet?
[14:35:21] Agent: Means that irrelevant of your bets and when you placed them you did not qualify,
[14:35:29] Agent: That's how it works. sorry.
[14:35:34] Me: Madam, I fully understand. So if yould send it to me then please send the trascript to my email please
[14:35:43] Agent: Thank uo
[14:35:43] Me: could not
[14:35:53] Agent: We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
[14:36:10] Agent: Thank you for contacting us and have a nice day!
[14:36:17] (my name) has exited the session.


This conversation was depressing. As you can read I asked the agent 3 times about the answer of the bonus team. The agent skipped my questions all the time. It seemed that the bonus team refused my appeal. The agent told me that I didn't follow the instructions (as the agent on yesterday) and I should deal with it. The agent also skipped my requests to send me my bets in english (I wanted to write an appeal to the gambling commission) and sending the transcript to my email. So I was very sad but I gave the thing the last go and loggid in to the Live chat again. I only wanted the transcript of the conversation.

Fortunately the local agent remembered me and without asking he sad that my case is still pending, so I should ask for it later. Some hours later the other local agent (who sent me the transcript above-if you remember  the english agent wrote:"...we do not have such possibility, sorry.") and told me that my appeal was accepted and I will receive a risk free bet instead of  a money.  I would like to say a big thank you to my local agents, especially to Agent A.👍

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Apologies late reply, @psrquack.

The first agent escalated the case to the bonus department, but instead of asking for a refund of your 5th bet, he asked if the risk free bet could be re-activated.

Seems like the second agent you spoke with was determined on providing the same answer, regardless of what question you asked. Besides that she also gave you wrong information, as you did opt in the risk free bet after placing the first 4 bets of €5. I'll evaluate this with the agent tomorrow.

I've added a €5 freebet and the risk free bet from last week is still pending, in case you want to make use of it later on :)


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@MarcoV: Hey, you don't need to apologize for the delay and thank you letting me know what happened.

I totally understand the attitude of the agents. They facing so many dumb questions and misunderstood that they want to solve and finish the situations as soon as possible. Btw I would like to thank you the presence of this forum (you guys do an excellent job and without you that situation would not be so clear).

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