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Slot Of The Week Promotion


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As promised in the newsletter a new promotion for all comunity members.

Join in by playing this weeks slot of the week - Gonzo's Quest.

The good news you can win a prize by playing on freeplay or just by posting a valid screenshot in the slot of the week thread.

First the fun bit the prizes......

Highest win playing real money on Gonzo's quest 30 euro FBM

Highest win playing play money on Gonzo's quest 10 euro FBM

2 people picked at random from the slot of the week post 5 euro FBM


The Rules

Highest wins for real money are equalised. So winning 10.00e at 2.00e stake is the same as winning 0.50c at 0.10c stake.(like the picture which is a 5x win)

Free money spins must be played at level 2 with a 5c line(2.00 euro total stake as in screenshot).

Screenshots must be clearly identifable as Unibet. Similar to below.(best to include the make a deposit button and the win lines bit)



The raffle will be done in a fair random way Next Saturday including everyone who has posted upto Friday the 20th.

Standard community rules apply.

Wagering of bonus prizes information HERE




You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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that happy hour free spin promotion is no longer active says Sjoerd from unibet customer support. I didnt get the spins, so asked live chat .. That was my answer? Is he incorrect? Than maybe they can still add the free spins? 


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