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Unibet phishing email in circulation


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Hello everyone,

A phishing email has been circulated both to random persons as well as some existing Unibet customers, asking them to accept updated terms and conditions on site along with a link to take you to the terms and conditions page. Unibet has no affiliation to the senders of the email in any way, it's only motives are malicious. 

The email looks like this:



You may notice the email address sent from is not ours, the branding is very pixelated, the spelling is incorrect and even though the link is written as Unibet it directs to an external site. If you've received this email, please do not click the links, but instead make sure to delete the email from your inbox or mark it as phishing. If you've already hit the link, please contact Customer Support for further information.

Our information at the moment says, that the email has mainly been sent to UK customers, but customers of other countries might have received it as well.

It's an unfortunate reality of the internet that emails like this circulate from time to time, so when we have the information at hand we feel it's in the best interest you - our wonderful costumers - to be transparent and give notice about it.

To learn more about phishing emails in general and how to spot them, please read here


The Unibet Community Team

Former Community Manager
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