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26th of December Butler League and yesterday's league


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Hello lovely people of Unibet,


May I please ask when will the results for the 26th of December 2016 will be posted and the prizes paid? Same question for yesterday's league. I'm not impatient or in a hurry, but 3 weeks passed since any update. Thank you in advance for your answer. Have a kick-ass week ! 

PS: adored the old software, absolutely loving the new one ! Congrats !

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@GotWhatItTakes Hope that i'm not wrong : 

 P L A Y E R S
POSITION <2121-4041-6061-8081-100101-200201+               
1st 20253040506080               
2nd 18222635455070              
3rd 16192230404560               
4th 14161925354050               
5th 12131620303540               
6th 10111518263035               
7th 9101416222530               
8th 891314182025               
9th 781212141820              
10th 671111121618               
11th 561010101416               
12th 459991214               
13th 348881012               
14th 23777810               
15th 1266668               
16th  1266668               
17th 1266668               
18th  1266668               
19th  1266668               
20th  1266668               
21st   155556               
22nd   155556               
23rd   155556               
24th   155556               
25th  155556               
26th   155556               
27th   155556               
28th   155556               
29th   155556               
30th   155556               
31st    34444               
32nd    34444               
33rd    34444               
34th    34444               
35th    34444               
36th    34444               
37th    34444               
38th    34444               
39th    34444               
40th    34444               
41st     2222               
42nd     2222               
43rd     2222               
44th     2222               
45th     2222               
46th     2222               
47th     2222               
48th     2222               
49th     2222               
50th     2222            
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So? Any answers people of Unibet? Will you pay the prizes for the leagues?

I am more than sure that I have won the 26th of December league ( a 1st and a 6th place - Alias: Quesadilla9 from what I remember ) and this Monday I think I made top 10 with 2 x 6th places.

Thank you in advance. Have a lovely day and a great weekend !


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They will do it as soon as they have the time, I guess. 

The butler league and the community league are probably of low priority, there are tasks far more important that need to be done before they can take care of the leagues.

As far as I understand David has a lot on his plate lately because many things accumulated from the days after christmas until the vacation ended. 

Don´t worry @MrSweetGuy, did Unibet ever disappoint you? They will sort everything out as soon as they have the time to do so. 100%!

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@GotWhatItTakes wrote:


As far as I understand David has a lot on his plate lately because many things accumulated from the days after christmas until the vacation ended. 

He's also been sick lately, and we don't really know how to do this ourselves.  Hopefully we'll get an update soon though.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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Unibet never disappointed me. I had no doubt that this issue will be resolved, but there have been 4 weeks now and I was left with no answer for days here... so I was kind of worried about this. Now, I can see in the lobby that there are no more butler league tourneys, is it over and burried? Hopefully, this week the prizes will be paid for the last 4 Butler leagues... Thank you Andrew for your answer.

All my best wishes to David and kind regards to the Unibet team. 

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@GotWhatItTakes wrote:

@testuser1 @DavidP_Unibet 

Is Friday the final event of the Community League in January or will there be more?

Would it be possible to get the latest standings before Friday? 😃

Could someone please explain to me how the community league in general works and what it looks like in February? 

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