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Weekly Rewards - Week 1


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As a celebration of the new year, we're going to start of the year with rewards €300 freeroll for all members of the community! 

The tournament will be semi-turbo Hol'dem, played tomorrow (Saturday) at 20:00 CET, and to get a ticket all you need to do is post in this thread before Saturday at 16:00 CET stating that you'd like one /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png

The ticket will be credited 15-30 minutes before the tournament starts, please note that no members posting for a ticket after 16:00 CET on Saturday 7/1/2017 will be issued one.

Important edit: Your poker alias must be the same or similar to your community username, if not, you won't be eligible to receive a prize.

The Unibet Community Team

Former Community Manager
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Hey Unibet Community!

I would like to get a ticket to the freeroll on Saturday. What a nice reward for us Unibet Community members and I hope that many Unibet community members are going to participate in this tournament.

One of my alias on Unibet is MrScienceV75

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I'd love to join :D

Is their maybe a possibility for bounties? (e.g 1euro and then 300 - players* 1 in the prize pool :D) I really love to play bounty tourneys :) And that way the prize pool is maybe a bit more divided among all members :)

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