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First deposit bonus, reactivated?


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Hey guys :)

Im an old customer who has decided to come back. Move all my action from Stars and Partypoker.


Anyways. I did not complete even 5% of the 200e FDB. 


Friend of mine said you would be able to reactivate it. 

Care to help me out? 

Thanks. <3

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You're going to have to wait around 12 hours for answer from support because at this time theyre out of office.

Usually in cases like this they'll make an exception and reactivate your bonus.

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Thanks for the kind words, @TraktorT! We're so grateful for having members like @Magicadil and @MoreTBC, who are always there to welcome and help everyone :happy:

Oh, I forgot to mention - when we revive poker bonuses, it usually takes an hour or two before you see it on your account. I double checked that the bonus is revived and it won't expire before March :)

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