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Unibet Open Package Freeroll ticket, when to use?


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@ChapInAChair The tournament it's in the lobby,on the 7 January 20:00 CET ( at least i can see it in the poker lobby).It's just that if i click on the ticket i doesn't show you anything,and it happend to me with other tickets as well,so we'll have to wait until they  fix this bug.

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@MoreTBC wrote:

@StartlingGrope wrote:

That's weird. I can't see it in the lobby either.

If you turn off the 'Hide Closed registrations' filter it should show.

@Andrew@Robin-Unibet.. this ticket appears to be doing the same thing as the betting freeroll ticket we discussed on 2+2.

Ah ha, found it. Thanks very much!

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