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Unibet Poker has stopped working (several times after new update 29.12.2016!!!)


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Hi Guys, 

today after the software update the application is even less stable then before. I tried to play in the morning but is simple not possible, I was playing 8 tables and the application (client) simple stops working freezes and need to restart application and I loosing money. 

I gonna report this also to support and ask for compensation as I have lost several BB/SB even it's micro NL10.... not considering actions on tables....

Please take it seriously and do some tests before releasing new versions.

I adding also screenshots.1243182881_Applicationfail1.thumb.png.dd7c30a5b54a7ed60914b340c915601a.png2136192531_Applicationfail2.thumb.png.d59064f3eda3f76492d92b5a64055a5b.png606212002_Applicationfail3.thumb.png.f34212775deab78445c8d2f9ccd2868a.png

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Sorry to hear that the experience hasn't improved for you since the update @LuckyLuciano, could you please run dxdiag and take a screenshot of the first tab and the display tab of the report? I know the developers will need it to look into the issue.


Former Community Manager
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Hi Chris, 

after the upgrade it happend only once to me (so far), appreciate the change of the colours of cards, which are more transparent now and  easier to read, especially during multitabling. 

Thanks for asking. I think you can close this thread.








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