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I wanted to bet on an icehockey match. I prefer to play on the number of goals.

Now I saw there's a difference between the bet on +2 and +2.5. Can somebody explain it to me? I think it's not possible to score 2.5 goals so i don't understand the difference :D

I don't think it's possible to make a half goals.


Thanks for the feedback

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Lets say you bet on total goals under 4.5. If there are exactly 4 goals, you win. 1,2,3, or 4 = win. 5+ = lose.

The .5 just makes it so there cant be a draw. Either your bet is a win or a lose. 

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Hello @Kdcler and welcome to the community

The difference between these two types of bets is that,for exemple: In a match you place a bet on +2 goals and at the end of the match were exactely 2 goals scored,the bet will be voided and you'll get your money back.And it goes the same if you bet was placed as for -2 goals.But there is also the option"exactely 2 goals to be scored" in that case you won't be able to get you money back.

And of course if you place a bet on +2.5 goals you need to have at least 3 goals scored in order to win your bet.

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