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Bonuses too complicated


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Is there a way to turn off bonus offers and notifications?

The bonus rules are simply too complicated for me. I don't want to study rules and regulations, I just wanna bet and play!

The message Unibet is sending out to it's customers - as far as I'm concerned - is something like this: "Sure we'll give you offers and bonuses, but you'd better not win anything. And if you do, we're gonna demand this and that and make you play a lot more than you normally would and the final goal for us is to make profit on everything."

It would be nice if the whole bonus system would be something like: do x and you receive y money, no strings attached. But since it's getting more complicated than string theory, I'm out.

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Hi @Origeltrix and thanks for making your opinion heard here on the community,

I agree, that it would be terrific if we could offer bonuses with a requirement as simple as you describe it, but due to many different factors it's just not possible.

We try to make the terms and conditions for all promotions as simple as possible, and the majority of them are the same from promotion to promotion. But, as a bonus is a product, they have to be written and included each and every time - both to ensure the rights of the customer and our rights as a provider of the product offered. E.g if we didn't mention on every sports betting bonus, that in order for a bet to count towards the turnover requirement, has to be of odds 1.40 or higher, then we'd see large number of customers(especially new ones) making bets close to odds 1.00, which would be close to being the same as having no turnover requirements at all, meaning we'd just be giving money away.
We do offer promotions throughout the year, usually on local events, where the main focus is an offering of something risk free and everyone are welcome to partake in these, but it'll never be the cornerstone of our marketing strategy.

As for profits in regards to bonuses, it's seldom that we turn a profit directly from a promotion. We pay a tax on each bonus accepted and used by a customer, how much depends on which country you're from and if we have a local gambling license with said country. Instead, promotions are made to create brand awareness, to maybe get you trying a different type of game than you normally would play, and to reward loyal players.

As for you query, I want to be as helpful as possible and can definitely try and look into you not being included for any offers - just so we're clear, you want it so you don't get the offers on your account when logged in, and not so you just won't get an email about them?


Former Community Manager
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Not for my two cents but I have a casino deposit offer on every thursday. It said that live casino games counts 100% to the bonus, but later I have to figure out that the live casino games counts only with 10% to the wagering requirements. So can you make from a 4x wagering requirent a 40x one. I think this is a very hard offer.

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