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i was about to win jackpot but.. game closed


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Was Jackpot round a bonus feature?

It could just be that loading that caused some connection issue so it booted you. Try reloading the game again, it will resume from where it left off.

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I think it's a bug of some kind. It's happened to me just about every single time I've reached the bonus game in Mega Fortune Dreams - but only at Unibet for some reason. :wonder: When I've re-opened the game again it's already finished the wheel spin and only shown the amount of coins won.

But the bonus wheel is only a visual representation of what's going on behind the scenes, it's not an "actual wheel" so you can't really decide yourself where it'll stop. To avoid problems if you get disconnected, I'm pretty sure the outcome of the bonus game is already decided the moment you hit the spin button for the spin that triggered it, the rest is just visual "eyecandy" to make it exciting for the player, so had you won a jackpot you would've seen it when you restarted the slot.

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@jonny2192 wrote:

I have never had problems with the bonus game playing.

@Valkyrie Does seem to have the worst luck with slot errors though :(

Lol, @jonny2192 ain't that the truth. :teardrop: Strangely enough I decided to play MFD after I had posted here and this time when I got the bonus game it actually worked! :wow: Only won 20 coins though. 🤣

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