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How many raffle tickets?


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I tried to put in a lot of hours in cash tables this month, only 4-tabling, but anyway.. Being on the button when the table gets selected to the ticket giveaway seemed impossible at first. But after a few UO tickets I was the lucky one on the button and got a bronze ticket! I was so happy to at least take part in the raffle. Then I saw the ticket balances of Marcus85 and Sweeedeeen and my excitement went down a bit. :D

Tonight, still feeling the christmas hangover, I decided to stay at home for the new year's eve and of course ended up checking the mtt schedules for some overlays. Had a good mtt session and while playing the last tournament I opened a couple cash tables to the side since there where still some tickets left. I finished 4th in the tournament, opened two more cash tables, and decided to grind until the last ticket has been given away. And you know it.. I was on the button at the giveaway table when the last ticket was given, and it was GOOOOOOOOOOLD!

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