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Game suspended.


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I made a bet yesterday, it included 5 games. And all of the were right, except for one game that was suspended. Now it says in the bet ticket that it wasnt suspended so I haven't received my winnings yet.

So can you do something about this?

Ouh and the game was Leamington FC vs Chesham United.


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If suspended and match wasn't played it will be void so odds on that match will be 1.00 (same as removing from coupon) So your Payout will be 13.40

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Most likely the match will be voided,which means that instead of 5 selections you will only have 4 on your ticket.And you will win according to 4 selections.

If a match is cancelled or postponed beyond the end of the weekend (until Sunday 24:00 CET) it will be considered void on the coupon.Maybe they will do it even before the end of the week.

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Most of the bookies use to wait if the match has been postponed, just a few days. If they dont play the match in the next few days (i think should be in 72 hours), they void it, and it will have a 1.00 odds. But its in the terms for sure and it'll say that the bet has 72 hours. 

Edit by Jeppe-Unibet: Just adding a bit of extra information:

If a match/event is postponed before starting, all bets are voided if the match/event isn't played within 72 hours. If there's an official statement from the governing body(usually the national football association, UEFA or FIFA), that the match won't be played within the 72 hours then all bets are voided before the period ends.

If a match/event is postponed after starting, all bets are voided if the match isn't continued and finished within 36 hours. 

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