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Changes to the info tab


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I was going to mock something up but quickly realised my paint skills are sub par so you're just going to have to visualise these ideas in your heads :)

  • Add what the blinds are going to change to to the blinds section - <1 min (200/400) or put it on a second line.
  • Remove the next break timer. They're at xx:55, we all know that. Even a new player will get that after a few hours play and it's also in the main lobby.
  • Change the trophy icon to just show the top prize and then change the boxing glove to a € symbol to show the next payout and then the number of players required to reach that payout - €3.50 (14)
  • Increase the font size of everything, there is so much dead space.


That's part one, the stuff you can actually do. Here's part two, the dream..

  • Change the info box to be permanent and make it two tabs. Tab 1 would be the casino tab with the three icons on it and tab 2 would be the info tab. The table will always open with the casino tab (with no option to change that) so the players still see the options on every table and then it's up to the player if they want to move the info tab. This, IMO, is a good balance of pleasing players that hate seeing the casino buttons all the time and also Unibet guys that want to cross promote. On cash tables the info box would show hands/flops played, your +/- for the tabe, time on table, buy-in on the table, basic preflop stats.. you know cash game stuff. SNG would show whatever it does just now :)
  • Move the sit out button above the info box. If the above happened it would be necessary anyway but as it is it just doesn't make any sense to have it behind the info box when it's open. 
  • icon.PNG.457899434c5408432166035f9c1b0954.PNGChange this to a chair icon. Seems like a much more logical representation of the options that are behind it.


I had more but I forgot them :( Should be enough to get some discussions going though :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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