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That's very strange. What method did you use to deposit? Were the funds taken out of your account? If you still haven't received by now just take a screeshot and email support.

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Hi @Vargerviken and welcome to the community :)

If you tried to make a deposit which failed even though the money was deducted from your bank account, there are two options to solve the issue:

1) Like @Magicadil suggested, you can send a proof of the deposit along with the name of your bank and your contact person's email address. Please send the information to contact@unibetcommunity.com and l'll make sure that we contact your bank to get the money released.

2) A transaction will get cancelled automatically within 30 days so if you don't mind waiting a bit to get the money back, you don't need to do anything :) We won't claim the money since we haven't received anything yet.

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