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What will happen to me bet?


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Ok so I made a bet on monday, on a couple of boxing matches. Now I just read that one of the fights (Alexander Povetkin vs Stiverne) Is being changed due to Povetkin failing a drug test. Stiverne pulled out of the fight and his opponent was replaced by another fighter.

So what happens to my bet? Here's a screenshot of my bet.   https://gyazo.com/8c638fc87dd99341d77974ab32f4153f


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@Aapeli wrote:

Ok, thank you. So will it also lower the money I get from it?

@Aapeli Yes.Instead of 8 matches you will only have 7,so the total odds will decrease a bit,but from what i've seen,that bet had a really small odd ( around 1.10 ) so it will not affect it so much,if your bet was on Povotkin

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