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ATW ticket display bug on Unibet Software


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The Unibet software shows 2x bronze ticket won. The user (luckinsearch) won a silver ticket on NL10 at Dec 13th - 9:00 AM  - 14:00 PM EST.

Here is the picture of the bug.

It would be nice to have a log and evidence for user to track the record of tickets won to show the bug exist. ( I didn't take the picture when the silver ticket was won and did not expect the software has display issue bug.)




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Hi @luckinsearch,

On 13th Dec, we've awarded 10 silver tickets on the following hands and time (in UTC):

419973731 00:18
420031778 05:51
420065983 09:48
420076184 10:28
420149627 13:49
420235773 17:10
420297473 18:51
420390097 21:03
420444225 22:22
420488838 23:38


However you were not in a dealer position on any of those hands. In fact you were not playing in any of those hands. 

On 13th, you were dealer button on hand 420239463 where you won a bronze ticket, not a silver one. 

Hope it makes more sense. 


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