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hi...i have a problem with the new poker client.

i tried to solve it on romanian suport but they wasn;t capable to solve it.

- i have a pc i5-3470 cpu 3.2ghz

- video card: nvidia geforce gt 430

- it;s not the black screen (tried the solution and i think black screen it;s an error for laptops)

- it;s not the direct x (i;ve sent them the report)

- the client is working on browser

i tried all i could to solve it...don;t know what to do else.


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Hi @hamstah,

Thanks for reporting it. I've sent your report to the developpers and will let you know when they come back to me. 

In the meantime, I have few questions:

  • Can you confirm it's happening on your windows download client, only when you open tables? Not in the poker lobby?
  • I've seen that you've logged into different download client versions in December (since we launched 2.0 new client in December). Could you please confirmed you've experienced that problem on all 2.0 versions?
  • Have you tried updating your graphical card drivers? 


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Few added questions:

1) When you launch the poker client, do you see the loading animation? http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=312564LoadingAnimation.png

2) When you go to 'C:\Users\ *user* \AppData\Roaming\Unibet Poker\assets\common\backgrounds', does this folder exist and if so, do you have images inside

3) Do you see the loading animation when opening a table (similar to 1 but after launching a table)?

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1. yes it's happening in the lobby too but only when it;s opening. after few seconds i can put my user and pass and after that i can see the tournaments/cash games. 


2. i downloaded last version 2.0.7, same thing.

3. yes i did...windows says it;s the last version.

4.no, i don;t. i put a SS at 1.

5.i have the background folder. it;s not empty, it has a lot of pictures in.

6. no i don;t see the animations when i open tables either.

ty for replay. 


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