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Alternative to Unibet


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Since Unibets new software is useless and that I have lost faith in their employees' competence, I'm looking now for a new site to play at. Whta better pace than to ask her, since I like Unibet earlier and assume most of you did the same.

What other poker sites to you play at? Witch do you recommend?

I'm looking for:

- Soft players

- NL25

- Good rakeback/bonuses

- 10 to 12 tabels

- The software doesent need to be perfect, but i need to be able to play without freezing and random glitches all the time. This is becasue i loose a lot of money when that happends.


Looking forward to your tips :) Best wishes.


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Hi ,

You're not allowed to recommend other sites on the Unibet Community. We don't mind if you mention other bookmakers, casinos and poker sites in here when it's relevant, as long as long as we don't see the post as any kind of advertisement / recommendation. I kindly refer to the following rule from our community guidelines

  • Do not post information or create threads for the promotion or advertisement of commercial products or services. Continues linking to the same external sites will not be tolerated.

I've removed the option to reply in this thread, but I'll leave the post here in case other members have a similar question in the future.

I'm very sorry about the issues you're experiencing with the new poker client. Really hope it gets fixed soon!


Former community moderator
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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