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I'm sad this thread doesn't have more replies yet :(

I play Standard, mainly playing Dragon Priest and a cheap ZooLock because I stupidly disenchated all other cards when I first had the game and am now trying to build up other decks 'organically'. My highest rank was 4 but now I mainly play the quests to build up gold for Arena :) How about you? 

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Hey everyone :)

I've been completely addicted to this game since beta, but unfortunately have never had the time to push for Legend. The best rank I have achieved is rank 1, and I usually end up around rank 4 every season. It's just that last grind I don't have time to do!

I have also played a bit of arena and wild, but I mostly play Standard since I really like experimenting with new deck ideas and that's quite hard when there are piloted shredders, mysterious challengers and Dr. Booms floating around.



Here is the tempo warrior deck I created which is doing pretty well on ladder at the moment (I've cruised down to rank 8).

What decks are people using? Everyone enjoying experimenting?

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I play alot, daily, would call me great at arena, ranked not so much since old  gods, or yea never made legendary but rank 5 pretty much every season when I try.  Been playing since beta.  Wonderful game!

Arena is my favorite though and I aim for atleast 1 12win a month,  this month I havent got one yet though.. Need to up my gaming..

What did you guys think of this weeks tavern brawl?

Born to gamble..
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@Jamie-Unibet wrote:

I don't play the tavern brawls. What were the rules?

Jamie, why ?!

Lot of fun, new rules every week. Sometimes very interesting like this week.

In this week you start with 10 mana crystals, so you can start very bloody game :)

And remember, you recived classic pack for first win in every week !


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I just recently started playing HearthStone (Still learning the basics). Used to play Magic The Gathering.

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I'm playing for around 8-9 months. Last few seasons its rank 2-5 in standard at the end. I love to play Totem Shammi, but with all these Warriors (Dragon/C'thun/Pirate/all other) Hunter (I like Midrange with N'Zhoth) is propably better.

There will be community tournament in FIFA16 (if they'll find one more person :) ), maybe we can set up kind of Hearthstone tournament? BO3 in elimination and BO5 in final, or group stage BO3 and then winners of two groups playing in final for Unibet Community Hearthstone Champion 2016 title? What do you think?

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