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Change the location of "fold to any bet" in the poker client


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Hey all, 

Now I've got a really bad experience twice (actually more, but twice it was significant), it could be because of my 'dumb nonchalance', or it could be caused by a bad design of the buttons in the poker client.

When I get my hand and I see that it's bad, and I'm in a bad position, I click the 'fold to any bet' button (like most of us do probably :p ), or just when I raise, but know I won't be calling a re-raise. But now it occured to me already a few times that the moment I want to press the fold to any bet button, the player in front of me finished his action. That way I accidentially press the call buton. Most of the times it's just a big blind or so that I call and then it didn't cause too much trouble, but twice I lost a bit more with it. This afternoon I was playing a 10 euro tourney, when the player in front of me went all-in, and I accidentially called. Byebye 10 euro buy-in. The other time it was at a cash table when I wanted to fold and the player in front of me raised pretty big (didn't know if it was all in or not), but I know he covered me. But that hapenned already a week ago or so, so don't know how much I lost with that :p

So my proposal is to place the 'fold to any bet' button at another place, and most likely on the place where the fold button appears :p I can't think of this happening to me in the UO final, so now I don't dare to play anymore :o

Kind regards


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Bump ^
"Fold to any bet button" is suppose to be a quick way to not involve in the hand, but if you click it a bit late, you will call instead of fold the hand.
This button should be moved a bit more to the left so it is safe to click it, even you click it a bit late! 
Hope it will be fixed :)

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