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Notifications when playing a tournament / sounds / replayer /balance of tables


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Some bugs i noticed when playing a tournament:

- the main window of the game i'm playing is not coming back  in front of other programs when its my turn to play. It used to "pop" in front of any other program opened before but now it doesn't:  it flashes in the taskbar and plays the alert sound but doesn't come in front. Same when the game starts, it flashes in taskbar but doesn't show up on screen in front of other programs as it used to.

- about the sound that plays when its your turn to play' (i call it the ding ding sound :p )    if you click "fold to any bet", it still plays the sound and flashes the window in the taskbar even though you already selected the action of not playing that hand.  Its really annoying when playing several games at the same time because you don't know if the sound is from a game where you have to do something, or a game where you already selected the action and its really confusing to hear the "ding ding" everywhere.  (i know i could disable it but i don't want to !  i just want to hear when i have to act on a hand, not when my action is already done)

- the balance of tables is not done quickly enough, or at all.    I've had cases of tournaments where it took a very long time before tables were balanced again and i was stuck with 2 or 3 players for ages.. while the other table had 5-6 players  (and i checked that it wasn't because they were still in a hand).   The same problem also happens when the registration is closed, and the tables keep being divided in 2 tables when only one table should be remaining  (9 players on 2 tables as long as we don't reach 8 players, same for 3-3 players in 6 handed tournament).  I'll also mention the bug of paying the blinds twice or even  3 times in a row when tables are balanced..but this is not a new bug unfortunately :(

- about the replayer:  the opponents cards are really hard to see in the replayer because they overlap too much. Isn't there a way to make them appear a little further from each other to be able to "read" them without an enlarger ??  when you have several game windows opened at same time, it shouldn't be that hard to glance at it and see directly what opponent had without having to scrutinize the screen.  see pic under:


- in the same idea, is it possible to have a card desk with the 10 being a "10" and not a "T" ??  with several windows opened and being smaller, the 7 and 10  look A LOT alike and i've been mixing them up regularly  (when you look at them from far, they resemble each other a lot, just like the A and 4). A choice of different cardsdecks would be great to avoid this.


Thank you for reading :)




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Hi @Mynona,

1. Thanks, I've reported it as I'm not sure if was on devs backlog or not. 

2. It's a known one indeed. I've asked to prioritise it as it's a quick one to fix (but we have a lot of them 😃). I'm not sure if it will make it to late December release though, most likely January one.

3. Yes, as you said, nothing new here and there are quite a few different scenarios. What would help is that next time you see something you think is wrong in table balancing, you let us know which tournament it was and when that happened (taking screenshots for example so that we have Hand Numbers for reference or just time or blind level). 
When a tournament is in late registration, there are seats kept free which can lead to weird situations for example.

4. I believe this one has been fixed. Could you please confirm you dont get those overlaping cards on your hand replayer anymore? 

5. We'll add the option to choose between multiple card decks. I can't say when yet. 



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