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Hammerfalls' Poker Hammerons and Pull-offs


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To the point. This journey is strongly a result of my recent downswing. I know some of my ways will seem drastic, crazy and even plain stupid. Well, I am all those things. Deal with it.


As I said, I am on a still continuing downswing. Not without my own fault. I recently peaked in bankroll, over €600 and I became reckless - NL25, sportsbets, casino games. All with some luck, and then without it. Which leads me to yesterday when I only had €300 left. So, I withdrawn €250.

Can I pulloff the great escape (westham referance) and built up my bankroll again? I have and will still play NL10. But leaving myself only €50 will ensure I don't try any silly stuff like NL25. It may seem dumb, as I said, but I have never made a deposit on Unibet (for like 4-5 years) while have withdrawn I'd guess around €1,500. I had bankrolls drop to €60, go to €500, withdraw some and again go down to less than €100. That's the beauty of Unibet. Moving up, tickets, etc. give lots of value and ways to get back on your feet.

By the way, this is not a "Turning Serious" journey. I still have a job, responsibilities, etc. and only play poker for pleasure, hopefully for some monetary gain. But being accountable here should save me from making too many stupid plays that I may or may not have picked by watching Jcarver. (Not saying he's stupid. My applications are).  

I haven't left myself only with €50 though.

Current Bankroll: €43

Cash tickets : €33 in Cash tickets

Tournament tickets: €329 (including €250 and €50 UO)

2 Double Trouble tickets (+1 coming on Monday)

I've also got over 57k points, so an extra €8 would be nice.

OK. So let's see where this leads me.






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Unibet just disconected me from the games, maybe in an attempt to say that I need a break. I know I never said it will be a daily journey but I still feel bad for not posting during the weekend. BUT, I have to say, it works. All throughtout my game I keep in my mind that I will have to post results, so no 'dumb s-h-i-t:'. So far so good.

By the way, thank you all immensly for encouragement. I don't know whether it will be THAT easy, but with focus, lowball and generous unibet's rewards I hope to come back out of this.



 Cleared one NL10 ticket for €33 but lost a bit in cash. On my way to clear another one, still a decent way to go but gone up from €13 to €20. (With tickets I ussually play 50bbs.)

By the way, out of curriosity wanted to know my deposti/withdraw balance. Support sent me this 3-file pack and I suck at excels. Tried filtering out withdrawals, summed up to €4,500. Which I highly doubt I'm even near at. If anyone remembers the 'how to' with these excels, please share.

My unibet connection is still out.

  • Current Bankroll: €68
  • Cash tickets : €20 in Cash tickets
  • Tournament tickets: €329 (including €250 and €50 UO)
  • 3 Double Trouble tickets
  • Still 57k points.
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So, I didn't write since I had €68, huh? I kept playing bit by bit, there was a party and now I'm back on my little grind, or as I like to call it, the husle. Completed all the easiest tasks - up'ed my ticket to €31, busted the new one is the craziest way (in just a couple of hands got set overset, two pair v two pair and can't rememeber but I think AK v AQ or KK. Not complaining, just to this day still surprised about these "waves" of luck and misfortune.  Also, collected €8 with 60k points.

Started today was lucky on two occasions:

1) As...not smart...as I am, I opened one nl25 table. But, instead of trying to prove that I AM THE MAN (as in the old days), I played for 5 minutes, didn't like the table and managed to quit.

2) Is it christmas today? It feels like it, people doing so much crazy stuff, like limp-shoving J10 for 50bbs.

In any case, I swear having in my head that I have to report my actions, makes me helluva more disciplined. So, thanks for sticking by and tell me if you start your journey.

Message for the future, start noting hands. I waited for a hand replayer for so long and yet, I still don't use it.

  • Current Bankroll: €133
  • Cash tickets : 0.0
  • Tournament tickets: €322 (including €250 and €50 UO)
  • 3 Double Trouble tickets
  • 60k points.
  • Flops this month - 1648

* Adding flops per month. I don't play much, so the numbers will hardly be spectacular. It's more for tracking than anything else.

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The roll continues. Down to €70. Down by €70+ in less than 500 flops. I just can't seem to win, tried full stack, 50bbs, a lot of KK>AA, AA>TT, KK>QQ. Not much what I can do but I also think but can't prove I'm losing too many small pots (like up to 10bbs by calling OOP, calling too much, calling or barreling too much.)


In any case, I've always had decent success with Moving UP, so in January will play 3 DTs, collect required flops and get tickets from M.Up and Missions and hope to grow the bankroll back from there.

 Thanks and hope you have a great 2017!


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Thanks so much @MathrimC and @whereisrivaldo. It sounds stupid but for such a mentally choatic person like me it's much easier to focus when I feel accountable to my thread, readers. Thanks.

The Bounce Back climb-stairs.jpg.f555f136d0c6191aa4ffb9c57c0d0d34.jpg


If there's an image, you can probably guess I'm in a good mood. 

Double Trouble 2017.1.3

After badly busting last week I went into this DT knowing that my goal is to double up. I often lose out or win by one or two spots, so to help my chances I decided to be a bit more aggressive in the beginning. Went well for most of it, went very well when I shipped and won A3>AQ bvb. Shut down from there with 14k and 150 remaining. Barely made it (3 minute blinds, remember) but the difference was I went UP to DOWN, like from 70th to 80th, to 90th  etc. While most of the time I'm by 120th in the end and looking to win one more pot.   

Also played some cash today and yesterday. Mostly played 50bbs (but I don't leave if I double up). Seems to help play a bit more cautiously. So far all looks like this:

  • Current Bankroll: €133 (€70 + €40DT + €23 NL10)
  • Cash tickets : 0.0
  • Bonus - 500*
  • 3 Double Trouble tickets
  • 1800 points.
  • Flops this month - 458

Thanks and, while I may not play much this week, Moving Up/DT wil make sure I play a decent amount in January. See you soon. 

P.s. Doesn't it suck that in flops seen you see today, this month, etc. but can't see last month or last week. @JeppeL, just a thought :)

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                                                                                         WHO'S THE DUMMY NOW?

*rewind sound*


*freeze frame*


 *Hey. That's me. You probabbly wonder how I end up here...Well, it all started when.... * 


Sad face. Indeed. If I told you my current bankroll is €107, you probably wouldn't think too much about it. You win some, you lose some, right?

Yeah. Here's the deal. I started the weekend with €133. Ended Saturday with €207. And, here I am, on a Monday evening a €100 less richer. First off all, I did have a lot of luck on Saturday and lack of it on Sunday. You know how that happens. 

But the fact that I didn't recognize it on time and did not leave at least when I had €170 or something, angers me. I kept saying to myself "I cannot be this unlucky again.".

*Spoiler alert: I can. Not to say I played well. Certainly not. But there were plenty of situations that I couldn't get out of. You know how it goes, I probably don't have to explain.

But also, I played much more.

December flops 458, January 23rd flops 1340. I may just be more careless, hoping to cash in on dummies from lower limits that came to play with their NL10 ticket. Who's the dummy now, amirite? :/ 

In any case, as it's the start of the quarter I did receive a bunch of tickets NL10,  Banzai, Sit and Go, I also converted one €10UO to €50, 4 more €10s left. I guess that's what I'll do this week, focus on free tickets, tournaments, claim the €25nl. Then reevaluate the situation.

 Current Bankroll: €107

  • Cash tickets : 13
  • Bonus shop - 400*
  • 2 Double Trouble tickets
  • 6752 points.
  • Flops this month - 1381

 By the way, thank you for following and have a fantastic week :)










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Another quick update:

Played €2 SaturdayStack. Busted. 

Played €10UO -> 50UO

And, thanks to €40 from Double Trouble, I'm back up to... €88 (I lost a couple of flips, KK>AK so was down to €48).

As of tomorrow, I'll have €30 in NL10 tickets. €26, to be exdact because I've already started one. Miserably. For now, I'll stick to 50bb poker and make a note on every hand I open with. I think I'm often too liberal with the hands I opten with. 

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A very nice evening, ladies and gents. 

This week was a roller-coaster. Went from €88 to €160 and back. The "back" I believe took only 160 flops, or something. Because again, my stupid head said it's safe to try see a couple of flops at NL25.

Busted all NL10 tickets, but turned a €5SE to €25SE and converted 3/4 NL10 tickets to NL50. One ticket expired.

In the meantime, I decreased my UTG and SB ranges dramatically and started watching DaViche streams. It's so hard to listen to his accent, or eating, or similar stuff :) but he explains trouble spots very well. Plus, maybe I can win a few free tickets :)  

B: €84

Flops this Week: 1046

CT: €25

TT: €445

P: 15127

Shop: 1500


Back to the grind.

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I wish I could make it a habit of posting on Sundays, better bankroll and flops seen updates. But, being so-so in poker, leaves me playing a lot of Tuesday's, e.g. Double trouble. Was stuck on  €60 for a while, busted ALL 3 cash tickets in less than 50 flops. Didn't play a lot, played 50bb, but a few terrible spots (i.e. set vs runner runner), a few AK/JJ raise/get 3bet/all-in, lose spots and that's it. Maybe it's worth just using a bonus?

Luckily, Double trouble was friendly to me today, +40e

B: €104 (started the week with €64)

Flops this Week/Month: 42/1357

CashT: €0

TourneyT: €445

Points: 16549

Shop: 1200


Am I crazy or has Unibet become a rather strong at cash games?

It might just be me, but I haven't been this stuck for so long in a long while. Building up bankrolls was way easier. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Good luck to all, and to all a good night :)    



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Isildur1 is playing. 

Leicester is playing.

I'm playing.  

And I'm the only one that's winning. What is happening? 

All I can say is, it's been a good last week and a good day today.  (I didn't spend Monday/Tuesday at home). And to be honest, when I lose, I'm happy to lose to someone who has been following my journey. Like @whereisrivaldo did today in the Community league. Still, 3rd. Not too shabby given the fact I'm pretty horribe in MTTs, especially shorthanded. (Btw, unibet tourney shedule doesnt work for me, hope you won HU, Rivaldo :) 

As I said, I had a decent week (I didn't play much:


b: €147 (+30e cash last wek, +7 tourney Leage) 

Flops this Week/Month: 160/1559 (haven't been home) 

CashT: €0

TourneyT: €385 (I think I busted a 50UO last week, don't remember :) 

points: 1800

Shop: 1200


Don't have much else to add. Thank you for following, I may be not the most exciting blogger, player or, chances are, even a person  :) 

But I AM having fun on Unibet (just doubled up w49s in 10UO (I was bb, UTG limped). It's awesome. Aaaand just doubled up again.. Have I mentioned it's awesome? 

Btw, I just.. wait.. KK... nevermind.. Anyway, on the stream they just said it's the 10th Unibet year. It is! I know I'm not going to Copenhagen but I'm eagerly waiting until they announce the other events and promise to go ALL OUT to finally make it to UnibetOpen. 

Here's my favorite UO promo (It's old)... 

Sorry... been searching for 30 mins, can't find it. It's the drammatic, Harry potter ad with Tatjana Pascalic. Well, if you find it, let me know.

Till next time lads and ladies :) 




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@whereisrivaldo wrote:

Gg Hammerfalls! 👍 I found a way to lose the heads up despite having all the chips. :laugh: 

Damn, FeelsBadMan. You played soo well (read: I hated you :) Although, reading your journey, seems like you are doing well overall. 


Well, now it is 2.28.2017. Looking through my posts (one of the benefits of keeping a journey), I think closest to the start of the month was this:

b: €84

P: 15127



Bank: €144

Flops/month : 1809 

P: 19353


Apparently, I didn't play at all this month apart from the first week (1200 flops). But it was a good month nevertheless. Just think about it - I'm almost done clearing my DoubleT tickets! 

I actually don't mind playing less. I'm not a serious grinder AND it appears I play better in shorter sessions. I also made a chart with Combonator of my 'allowed hands' which helps me stay in check. All things concidered, my love for Unibet hasn't faded a bit. And, I hear they are about to introduce a new type of a tournament (I remember I loved 2e-3e rebuys on old Unibet).

OK, my DT is starting.

Have a fantastic and profitable March.





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+Update to end the month on the correct numbers:

b: 176 (busted DT but finished off many 40bb< players, shoving J2, etc. And yes, I realized that 'finished off' has other meanings :)   

Flops - 1883

Shop: 1800

No casht, €426 in T.tickets.

Let's see what March brings. gl all 

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Here's what I'll tell you. Last week was tremendious. 

Even thougn I took a high risk and lost a flip in Double Trouble. 

Even though I bubbled €25 Sunday Entitled sat 

It was awesome in cash. Not on cash specifically, but I watched a lot of Daviche/Iany streams, I think learned some, too. And reached €240 in bankroll.

Not this week, though. This one day alone set me back to €161, busted community league quick after an amazing start. Whatcha gonna do, I guess. I heard Daviche went down 12bbs on NL10 in one day. Can't complain about 6-7.. 


tt: 50UO, 4x€50UO, €5SE

Shop: 2400

Flops/month: 1071

Points: 25306

Thanks for following and GL. 

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