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'Internet connexion not available!'


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Please to something with these ?  i didnt play for two days  now . what to do ? i patched not work ,i try to erase ...dll ,not find ...i restored my windows ,same problem ,please do something ,is not my fault and my problem to fix this , i can give you teamwier and fix it if you want 286584443_2016-12-0217_34_05-UnibetPokerv2.0.5.thumb.png.b513c74b130e81e95b6f1eef648af3d9.png

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I should add that the problem comes from a value on windows that tells if an internet connexion is available or not. The client checks that value which sometimes seems incorrect. We'll remove that which should fix it indeed for next week release. 

There is no clear fix in the meantime but changing the connection config (plug in/off the ethernet cable or wifi, changing to a new connection before coming back to the first one etc...) are possible fixes. Anything that could lead windows to update this value basically.

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Quoting  from 2+2 forum:

We're 95% to release the next version tomorrow. It's still being tested, so if any major problems are discovered it'll be delayed. Patch notes:

  • Fixed freeze when topping up in cashgames
  • Fixed internet connection error showed incorrectly
  • Fixed raise button sometimes not working in mtt/sng
  • Fixed fractional chips not being included in mtt/sng all-in bets
  • Fixed dealer button positions
  • DX10 support
  • Action texts are moved to player plates
  • Removed color coding from bet amounts
  • Tiling fix to take advantage of full width of the screen
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