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Hand History/Chat/Muck-AutoMuck


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In regards to HAND HISTORY: I think Unibet should follow Party Poker/Pokerstars way of showing previous hands played in tourneys/cash games

Everytime I check for hand history, the box closes on its own before I can even read what happened during the hand

CHAT: A chat option while playing would be nice, gives a way of talking to other community members in real time

Muck/Auto Muck Option: I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that likes to show a good BLUFF, once in a while, when said bluff works. 

Well those are my ideas...anyone/everyone feel free to add on

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Digging up old threads today. :)

Hand History: We have a hand replayer that you can also launch from the table to open the last hand played (and browse through other hands). Were you refering to other plateforms than the download desktop client for PC and Mac? 
If so, I'll look into what's possible there. There are alternative options to show a summary of the previous hand played on mobile that we should implement at some point

Chat: Chats are mostly used for mocking other players etc. so we've decided to do without. It could be a good tool to add, sometimes, in specific tournaments (promotions, community etc.) where the atmosphere would be more friendly but that also requires monitoring etc. so we haven't looked into it.

Muck/Auto Muck Option: We've decided to automatically show holecards at showdown and to automatically muck winning hand(s) when there's no showdown. Although we understand it can be fun to show a bluff, we think it's exploitable by experienced players at the expense of recreational ones. It's hard to draw the line between protecting recreational players and making it more fun / giving more options. I agree that's a close one though. 

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 Totaly agree with @Chris-Unibet

Hand History: hand replayer on Unibet is great

Chat: GREAT IDEEA to do without, I'm here to play poker.

Muck/Auto Muck Option: This one is ...  There are a lot of thimgs on UnibetPoker gameplay that encourages hands to fly by... one pokerhand finishes very quick so another one can start... sometimes I think is to fast...

My biggest problem is with the time bank or the thinkong time in general-there is non!

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