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Blog: pooling usersupport to improve my game


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Hi community!

I censider myself a decent player with various bad habits, and now it is time to seriously up My game. in order to make it interesting, I want my journy to double as a reference for People Who recognize themselves in My issues. 

I Will be discussing some of My obstacles later. as material I Will be posting some selected and some Random hand histories in conjunction with Any issue up for analysis. I Hope to get feedback from knowedgeable fellow pplayers- also on questions of concern i might have missed.

If the flow of discussions permit, feel free to post your own questions or hand histories. The more the Merrier. keep it constructive but honest.


I Will up date later today!


May Lady Luck be with you all at the ttables:)

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Had My bankroll from 40 to 75euro after an afternoon doing sit n go 1-4. got bored and, as a retarded gambler, went to 25. Bubbled and got angry and did another one, got second. Then I did a couple 10 euros, mostly succesful. For some reason I then started fooling around and more or less threw away 5 or 6 buy-ins at 4 euro level and lost at 10 dollar buy in (that i Was playing seriously).

I really have to get 1) bankroll discipline. 2) at spine so i Can stop While i am in My a-game so i dont get tired and start ggoofing(iii.e"when i get 7 deuce i Will go all in, hihi").

I dont know if that is a normal issue. I have to figure out the cues so I can Catch myself before I turn the games in to freak shows ::)

Bankroll is now 40 euro as when i started. Will go at it tomorrow. Was Thinking doing 2x10 matches at the two lowest buy-ins and see how I feel mentally afterwards. the task is to stick to this. I bet I wont, but, well, I also bet I Will, hehe.


PS weird writing is due to Phone not cooping and acting out...

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Will go through My matches from yesterday. you Will all see a crazy partern. when I am focused i win 7/10, then There Will be a break and then I throw all matches in retard moves. this has happened many times and a serious obstacle. mental mostly, so the cure is within:)

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Hi man..nice thread ..keep posting .Discipline is the most importannt thing in poker along with BR.  Bankroll manageament is way more easy to handle than discipline in the game witch involve tilt , and play just a single poker format to maintain focus on .

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OK, now I am sitting at my laptop, so I can write as a human being. 

My goofing-issue took hold yesterday when I (damn me!) kept playing after dark. Bankroll went down a decent bit. Now I am at 15 euro. 

To help myself get over the bad habit of goofing or playing past bedtime, I have come up with the following austere scheme, which is to be followed until I am old enough to behave:

1) I may play 10 games of 1 euro sit n go, provided that I do not loose 3 buy-ins in a row. If I do, I call it a day (to avoid tilting).

2) For every 5 one euro, I may do one 2 euro, until I have done maximum 2 games. If I lose the first, I may not do another.

I am a fairly good handreader (I usually put people on quite exact hands, and I am really good at spotting big bluffs. Alas, this skill introduces risk if utilized. So, to avoid tough decisions, whenever I feel that someone is bluffing and my "call-finger" is itching, I now have a designated decision-coin to alieviate me of responsibility.  If it is late stage and I am screwed and feel like the call is good, I flip the coin. Heads = call, otherwise fold.

I think this set-up should help me handle my stupidity a bit, given a minor amount of spine required to follow through on it.

Edit: My stats for today:

Boubled one on Q high flush with king on board to ace high. Got second on the next. And now I am doing one, in which I think I will take it down due to donk-action by opponents. But we'll see. If I am not too lazy, I will figure out how to post some info on the games, especially if an interesting spot comes up. Might also say a word or two about my strategy, which serves me well. The last assertion needs some verification. Today or tomorrow I will look at my stats more thoroughly, so I don't over/underevaluate my play. 

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So, I have been trying to stick with the scheme, and today I have. 

I started out with a rather abused bankroll of 13.03 euro. I proceeded and did 3 tournaments as training for a tournament I will be doing. This went so-so. Went down 1 euro on one, 10 cent on another, and won 1.56 on a third.


When it comes to sit n go, today looks like this:

1 euro:

1.: second place/1.58

2.: bust

3.: bust

4.: bust

5.: second/1.58

6.: first/3.17

Now doing nr. 7 to 10.

I also did two 2 euroes. I came second in one and first in the other. Bankroll now 17.99, if I lose the ongoing sit n go. 


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After struggling with -ev play online on both pokerstars and unibet, and being granTed time off due to trouble login in, i decided to give live cash games a try. That has proved very beneficial, since I luckily turn a huge profit live as opposed to the tougher, and granted also more exciting in some aspects, online poker. It wont mean the end of m online play. From next month I will toy around with a few larger buy-ins on unibet and use the 2-3 shot limit to explore the upper bound of unibet cash games from a purely learning-testing-toying perspective. For me, the online games are harmful if my ambitions grow too high, and so I resign the grind to live games and use the online games for practice. Here on unibet I find the comfort of privacy, whereas live games provide me with positive returns on my "investment". 


PS. Though my live career has only spanned 30 hours spread on some days, and though the hands are few and my quardian angel has doomed me worthy of running card dead, the profit has been 30bb/h (!!!), with the 2 hour session today yielding a staggering 50bb/h. I know that my career thus far is short and hence the stat will adjust downwards as soon as I run bad a couple of days. But it sure is encouraging for a formerly on-tilt poker (fish?) Player :D 


PPS might still update here. And: good luck at the tables, brethren!

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