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The tragic loss of Chapecoense FC.


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As a big fan of Brazilian football for years it was so shocking to read the news about the airplane accident that destroyed the whole Chapecoense team except for 3 players. 

Less than a decade ago, Chapecoense was so bad that it didn't even qualify for Serie D, but in successive years, it climbed from Serie C to Serie B to Serie A -- right to the top and stayed there since 2014. And now their biggest dream was about to happen when they qualified for the Copa Sud-America final .  They never made it there....

This young fan wrote : "They were never tired of climbing and now they're in heaven," outside of Chapecoense's  stadium.

The club was an outsider in Brazil , from a small city but thanks to great management they climbed to the top league. They were in 9th place in Serie A when the accident happened with only one more game to play.  

We remember Torino 1949, Manchester United 1958, Alianza Lima 1987 and Zambia national team in 1993. And now Chapecoense FC in 2016.  

I hope they will get all the help they can to build the club back to where they were. A lot of top Brazilian names already offered their support. 

Here is a video tribute posted on Youtube, rest in peace: 

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Rest in peace, such a tragedy :speechless:

Thanks  for the nice presentation of the team and they're performances so far, for sure they'll remain in the memory of lots of people... can't even think how this team can get back to where they were after this :sad:

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind...
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