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Advent Calendar Thread


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@BroederTuck Marco has a big stack of hoodies and merchandise labeled and seperated for the different members, and I don't want to ruin it by digging around too much. If you've let him know previously I'm sure he's on top of it, only thing about the emails was that we had a couple of special requests that we needed to get back on :)

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PS. @MarcoV @testuser1 @JeppeL

Are the things I won also sent with this wave? :p 

If yes, is that to the adress where my unibet account is registered on? And for the size of the pants? What size did you take here? :p

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@PokerAndBetting wrote:

I wonder if there will be an advent Calendar this xmas also, and will there be a community calendar like last year?

It was awesome but I understand if there isn't anyone with enough time to create a community one this year.

 Last years advent calender was awesome & fun. It would nice if someone could find the time to set one up for us. 


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