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Things you like about the new client


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The new client is way faster than the old one, I love the hand replayer and overall I'm pleased with it :)

BTW, the new Android app is pretty awesome as now it's fully optimized for my sh1ty phone too and I can do from the client everything I can on the desktop version too 🆗

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  • Different sounds can be turned of individually, so I can play with only the alarm sound
  • Playability on my smartphone is much better now, the new client really looks great on mobile
  • The client and open tables load faster. It crashed on me for the first time today, but I restarted everything in 5 seconds and my table was back immediately.
  • The challenge and bonus progress circle displayed at the tables is really cool and motivating to just play "one more round" to progress it. (However, it doesn't seem to update live yet)
  • The ticket stacks make it much easier to have an overview of your different MTT tickets
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