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When nothing is as expected


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Hello everyone here in the forum .... well what can I say lost a poker pot with AK clover against the 9-2 of spades flop 4 7 2 in clover clover River 9 River Diamonds 2 so you lose $ 9,000 into a pot ... late for the football played in 6 games with goals on corners puts them five first matches on a left there, I have over 2.5 goals on over 10.5 corners so Halftime score one goal on the 8 corners thinking they can go this happens after 55 minutes of play they stand 2-1 in the match still on the 8 corners in 63 minutes komer 9 corner huh well I thought then're not going to lose my game when I only need two corners with 30 minutes left ..... match ends 4 -2 on the corners 9 so clear so thank you on hello to me again..On then to the next has been on sick leave since 2012, huh re doctor's appointment today so that we could plan some future for me going up to the hospital then get out I got a new doctor so I will then take up that I have not got anybody extended sick leave late the 20/10 on then get the answer that I will not get to be sick anymore, but will now go out to work again so they can go thinking I'm lucky to still have won some money so you can stay but where the little more problems with them Christmas presents, I going to give to remind 2 children but may struggle .... so is life when adversity comes a typical week for me

Sincerely robb-75

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