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When you think you have experienced everything in poker


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Hey everyone this forum .... well what can I say not to the world with little time either playing me in over 9000 dollars on a poker site on as normal as soon as you put for a while now this gets AK of clubs on player 2 raises to 350 on a synnar on I raise to 1000 the catches sight of the player 2 on player 4 folds flop comes 4 7 2 in clubs, I pass at me, he put 1500 on I raise to 4500 he goes all in, I call the of course with my color yes what he has insane 9.2 of spades toured 9 of clubs on the river will completely sick diamonds 2..yees on I lose my roll how the hell can he play his cards so ... oh I thought they would be a good Christmas but there I

Sincerely   robb-75


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