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Post a community freeroll daily.


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Semi serious idea.

Post a daily community freeroll even if it never plays or if its for entry to the weekly rewards or for 1e.

Seems the thing that makes people visit for the first time the most is to ask about the freeroll.

Positive:- it get gets new members

negative:- they only make one posts "how do i enter...." "whats the password for....."


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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How about combining the both splendid ideas in the establisment of a dayle freeroll for community members, who are granted starting chips equavelent to their ranking in the community, in time perhaps with different (higher) pricepools depending on ones ranking in the community. The pros of this suggestion are to draw more dedicated attention towards the site, the contra could be persistent freegoers obstructing the intention with the community by narrowmindingly paying effort and attention towards the activities on the site that are granting ranking badges, a rather more sofisticated reward and ranking system could overcome the incuregment towards silly behaveior in the quest for price and glory  :) Egon  

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