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Monthly Ideas review/highlights


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There are nearly 2500 members in the community just now but the hottest idea in this section has 9 likes. I think this is a problem. There are well over 40 ideas that are classed as 'new' or unread by mods/staff as I would look at it which I also think is a small problem. I know in the launch post for this section it said the mods would look at at least 3 ideas a month based on the most popular ideas and, to be fair to them, they've smashed that in the first month and the fact that there are so many 'new' classed ideas isn't too bad just now as I suspect they're all read and just not commented on until they gain some traction with likes. 

My proposal is a monthly review/highlighting of ideas that have been suggested so that more people actually look at the section and like or provide input. I know you can put a tasty looking banner at the top of the forum with announcements so the post could be highlighted there and in the post would be a overview of ideas that have been actioned/investigated along with a top 5 new ideas of the month (or all the ideas in the month as it slows down) so that they're given better exposure.

I think this would help members understand that they can have an active influence on the community and Unibet as a whole with ideas that they post and by supporting other members good ideas they can get things they want actioned quicker. It also means a great idea that may have been posted in the middle of the night doesn't go unnoticed because people don't look in the section often and it drops off the latest discussions list.

A secondary, less important, idea is to add a 'read' status so that idea givers know whether or not an idea has been read but mods/staff. Att the moment all these 'new' ideas are in a strange limbo where you don't know if they've been reviewed or not so it would be handy if there was some sort of notification that they're at least in the pot for consideration :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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The status "new" doesn't really mean that we haven't looked at the idea, but unless it's community related, it will in most cases need some votes, before we'll look into it :)

It's always been the plan to make a monthly blog post about the ideas (what have we actioned, what new ideas have been submitted, which do we think it's worth have a look at etc.). I doubt we'll have time for this in December, as it's a bit of a crazy month with Unibet Open, advent calendar and we're all off for 1-2 weeks. So, the first one will probably be January, unless a member wants to write this post, based on what public information there is ;)

I have considered a weekly community newsletter. For now I don't think we've enough members, but I'm going to try it out in Q1 next year :)

I'm not sure I want to add the "read" status to the ideas. I promise all ideas will be read, but that doesn't mean much, if it's not community related - it has to be read by the right stakeholder for it to really have importance-

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