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Would it be possible to have a bigger  "latest discussions" list on the main page (on the right side)

Ideally, it would be at least the last 10 subjects listed to have a clearer idea of whats been discussed when you arrive on the community forum.

At the moment, there are only 5 posts listed there and i think it would be better to have more :)

I also think it would be a good idea to mention to which subforum the discussions belong to. At the moment, you only see the title and its not always clear what it concerns :)


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Thank you for the suggestions :)

The purpose of the "Latest discussions" module is only to give an idea about what's going on in the community right now, and show that there's activity right here and now. Increasing the number of posts to e.g. 10 will not make much of a difference, other than populating the frontpage with more content. Soon we'll, hopefully, see more content on the community, and even the 10 recent discussions would only give you an idea about the activity in the past 5-10 minutes. I don't believe many will be interested in more than 1-3 of the subforums/boards, and you'd usually go to the subforum/board, to check out what's happening, rather than using the recent discussions.
As for the subforum, the reasoning is the same; we don't want to have too much information on the frontpage. 90 % of the time, I think the subject is descriptive, and the subforum/board wont help much.

All that being said, I completely understand why you're asking for it, and with the level of activity we're seeing right now, it could indeed help a little :)

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