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 I am not subscriber of twitch, but always watch and follow twitch channel. Jamie, Charlotte, Sam and David all one happy team! /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png

sometimes Stubbe comes on show!

Party never over, always fun!

Poker lessons, educates all well!

Chilling music, focus on a game!

Wisdom, reading skills an a couple bluffs!

Keep going! Light is somewhere very close!

Good spirits all around you!

Cherry blossom on a mountain, near waterfall of pure water!

Fallen angels comes to get advice.

Is a heaven close or far from here?!

Or is already here, called planet Earth?!

Travel world and find yourself!

Find that diamond in your soul!

Experience a new dimension,

hidden in the past for ur eyes!

Royal flush hearts send to everyone! 

With love for everyone! /html/images/emoticons/Asset31.png/html/images/emoticons/Asset29.png

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