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November Community League


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 I don't think it was a reward for this league(also, I didn't get anything yet)... the Unibet guys are damn busy with UO Bucharest and I think it will take around 2 weeks for us to get the results and the rewards for our performances in CL November

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I didn't want anyone to have their hopes up for 2 weeks or so and then be disappointed, so I've decided to step forward and say I think I got 81 points. I'm not saying I won - we won't know until the official results come out - but if anyone out there has a higher score, please do step forward!

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, chances are your ticket is from Novembers MTT League promotion. I know I got my payout from that yesterday.

Regarding the league stuff, it's just terrible timing. With the 2.0 launch and UO Bucharest all happening something was bound to get pushed back and this is it unfortunately. I think things will improve after the last live event is over (UOUK next weekend) as there doesn't appear to be any live events until the end of Feb. 

Like Guinness always say, good things come to those who wait :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Please guys update november league, december league and butler 28 november.C'mmon , it's 8.12.2016. We want this year the results.Please,it's not so hard ! Patience , patience but the patience has limits . Stop the league, stop the butlers if it's so hard to update them weekly . I don't want replies to this post from other community members saying me it was UO Bucharest and other excuses or facts, I want only the results to be updated. Thank you !

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I'm sorry this has been taking so long - had a chat with  in Bucharest and he's kindly agreed to take over the community league going forwards. I have a final update for November though, congrats to Leega. Can the top 5 message me with your ticket requests? All others I will (finally) credit now, thanks for being so patient.

AliasOverall PointsPrize
Leega81€250 in tickets + avatar
LordOfHell273€100 in tickets
OneMomentPLS71€50 in tickets
IKnewTheGrew69€35 in tickets
ryf198168€25 in tickets
wutwut360€10 MTT ticket
donYaro58€10 MTT ticket
GogoAndrew58€10 MTT ticket
ZenitSTPete58€10 MTT ticket
unibear557€10 MTT ticket
digobg47€2 UO ticket
anndroid43€2 UO ticket
n_bush_limit42€2 UO ticket
gtyyu66639€2 UO ticket
fkthesoft38€2 UO ticket
reep34€2 UO ticket
BSPS34€2 UO ticket
bxbty31€2 UO ticket
0G31€2 UO ticket
Kubomi27€2 UO ticket
RK_9526€2 UO ticket
TusksMcGee25€2 UO ticket
2NOUD324€2 UO ticket
fggggg121€2 UO ticket
halliloo20€2 UO ticket
botan19€2 UO ticket
aaaaaq119€2 UO ticket
WilkorBeta13€2 UO ticket
Tortillamon11€2 UO ticket
o5o5lu10€2 UO ticket
bowman9910€2 UO ticket
snowidea8€2 UO ticket
krvnikk7€2 UO ticket
aurum7€2 UO ticket
IBradypus7€2 UO ticket
devilia6€2 UO ticket
KliniKobi5€2 UO ticket
brbsoicowboy5€2 UO ticket
wazzaph5€2 UO ticket
vongrundal5€2 UO ticket
KnowTheCold4€2 UO ticket
Gren803€2 UO ticket
blasphemer3€2 UO ticket
vlacuga2€2 UO ticket
MrReeves2€2 UO ticket
111andy1112€2 UO ticket
57613485242€2 UO ticket
36chamber2€2 UO ticket
endal2€2 UO ticket
3assmunchers2€2 UO ticket
SayCheessy2€2 UO ticket
GreatKing2€2 UO ticket
NotaBot1€2 UO ticket
auoyooyi1€2 UO ticket
ChipLeader131€2 UO ticket
ceRRR1€2 UO ticket
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― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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