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As one of the weekly rewards give a 10c bet,1 freespin slot,10c casino bet,10c bingo and a 10c poker MTT

Total 50c.

You get a minimum of 1 point per game.

Scores from all games are multiplied by each other.

bet win x slot win x casino win x number of numbers marked on a single ticket(bingo) x number of players elimanated before you in mtt

example lost bet 1 point x won 20c on casino 20 points x marked 12 numbers on bingo ticcket 12 points x 10th in MTT of 50 players 40 points = 192000 points

Highest scores wins a bigger prize.

Possibly have an option to buy 10 extra attempts for 5 euros.

Alternativally without free tickets and people screenshot there best results in each game type.





You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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