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Automatic conversation sender


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Hey guys,

today I second time realized that the LC agent mistyped my ticket request so I had to requested it again. No problem at all, we are people, things happened. But to avoid the anger (and having a proof) it would be great if it would be an opportunity to receive all the conversations between me and the LC agents to my registered email adress automatically. I know there is still an opportunity by asking the agents to do that but the turn on/off button with that opportunity would be greater.

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Yeah, I've just checked. The .co.uk site opens up a chat box like you would expect on Facebook, within the existing window.

The .com opens a separate small browser window. 


My guess would be that if you use the green X when leaving the chat you'll get the option to email but if you use the browser window X it'll just close it without the option. 


Regardless, having an auto-email option seems like a good idea.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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