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Community Poker Cup


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The community poker cup, a single entry 6-max shoot out event!

Players register their interest in the cup on the forum and a time/date for cup games is drawn up. Players pay €x to enter, say €5 (4.50+0.50) for maths, and are then randomly drawn into first round games of 6. These all appear in the MTT lobby as either password locked or ticket entry only events and are played at the same time. Winners of each first round game then play each other in round 2 and so on until there is a winner. With it being 6 max (I'd prefer heads up but the software doesn't do it and it'll make the MTT lobby an absolute mess) the player entrants would need to be capped at 36 (€162 prize pool) or 216 (€972 prize pool). Winner get's 50% of the prize pool and a shiny badge. Rest of prize pool distributed as normal.

Community aliases MUST be used ;)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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