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Jackpot/Butler MTTs


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The Jackpot and Butler league MTTs currently run on the same night and only an hour or two apart. If you want to play both and you run deep in the Jackpot ones you end up in a situation where you have to 5-table at one point of the night. Is it possible to move one or the other to a different night?


Is it possible to run the jackpot MTTs one more than one night? I don't know if anyone has actually won both before but I would guess the odds are pretty low adding an extr night or two couldn't hurt :) Also, why do the two tourneys have different entry fees? The €1 one had twice as many as the €4 so it seems there are a number of people unaware of the promotion or the potentail win for playing both.


Is it possible to expand the Butler League or create a new one with a higher buyin? A €4 or €10 series with the sme structure on a different night would be great.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Met Jamie in Malta and he has started to post on here as UnibetJamie, so he is still alive.

The butler streams were on a break while he dealt with other stuff, would like to see him back on twitch and I am positive I am not the only one.


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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