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Community Milestone Freeroll


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Hello my friends :)

Can somebdy help me, how and where can ill be find the password for that freeroll? I saw that will be 20:20 but i dont know where or what. Im playing here 2 years, but im new in that community. :)

Thanks all for the help and have a good nigt for all!

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 Thank you :)

It's ok to give a helping help :P .Some of the new members maybe find it a bit difficult to navigate here and they feel like time is running out so they won't be able to register :)

For us,who are used to day by day here,it's maybe a bit annoying to see all this topic started for the same thing,but for the new ones maybe it's complicated to figure out things in such a short time :P

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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