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Design your dream slot


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If you had the chance to design your own perfect slot machine - what would it look like and what features would it have?

Personally I would like a slot that gives me guaranteed big wins on every spin. :smileylol: No, joking aside, although it would be nice, :smileytongue:, I prefer slots that lets the player choose how many lines to bet on, that pay out scatter wins - even if you only get two of them, and that aren't too graphics heavy, because they usually lag way too much. But if the latter wasn't an issue I'd probably make a gothic themed slot with 25-30 lines, beautiful animations, a hauntingly good soundtrack, scatter wins and an interactive bonus game which is triggered often and offers up lots of surprises - and naturally, chillingly big wins. :)

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Theame: Atlantis \ IT \ Tech \ Need 4 Speed \ any one of them as "Design"

Lines: Minimum 243 and a choise for big Play @ 5000 lines.

Wheels: Do something new, 7 or 10 .

Progressiv Jackpots based on bet: Nano \ Micro \ Master \ Innsane

Wilds: Expanding and sticky.

Scatters: As many as the wheels.

Bonus game: Something refering to the "theme\design".

Freespin choise: Based on like, get 5 rounds with multiplikator, 10 round with doubble up, 15-1000 rounds if all scatters are triggered.

Also have added freespinns if 2 or more scatters show in freespinn with choise like ekstra spinn or multiplikators.

Just some toughts ;-)

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I would make a League of Legends slot :P And the bonus game would be that you need to destroy nexus which would give you a great reward!

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It would have to be based on Only Fools and Horse and or Pirates of The Caribbean.

A few features - here's a few quick ones

Would be the random Jackpot feature

Batman & Robin
This would be a bonus game where Del and Rodders have to catch muggers

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