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Smaller graphic - better and quicker view


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When playing live sports on a cell phone, there is quite a lot of time spent on scrolling down to the game of your choice. 

This is especially noticeable on weekends when there are many betting options. 

If there were smaller graphics for each game and better labeling, it would be much easier for the player to find his/her desired game of option. AND the page would load much faster. 

I mine Unibet a lot and have been loyal to you for 10 years. However, the time it takes to load live betting in sports is at least 5 times longer than for example at bet365. 

Oh, and another thing; when playing live sports on cell phone, there is no choice for the page to show only over/under or other betting options in all the soccer games. I have to actively click on eacH game to see the line for that specific option. Instead there could be an option to choose in a scroll-down menu whether or not you want to see specifically the odds for 1x2, over/under or any other popular betting option. This suggestion is important since I often find myself having to wait several minutes to to make a bet when there are two or more games involved. This because of the loading time problem described above.


Thanks :)

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