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Euro 2016 betting odds.


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Just a thought, but as the FIFA rankings place Belgium at number 2 and England at number 10,  how does England get to be a point and a half shorter in price?

Does somebody know something that I should be knowing before the tournament start? (Apart from England probably not needing to book a long term stay in the team hotel, obviously!)

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Don't look at the FIFA-ranking, the counting system is not really reliable. The amount of played games are important and there's not much difference in gaining points when winning against a top-20 team and a team that's ranken on place 100. So for instance if a country plays and win a lot of friendly games against "weaker" teams, they will gain a lot of places on the ranking.
Another issue is counting the points for a hosting country, in this case France. They don't play any qualifying games (which gains more points than friendlys) so they get only points from friendly games. If you are really considering using a ranking, use the UEFA-ranking, it's a more reliable ranking.

If you want my advice, just look for teams that:

  • have excellent players that can make a difference
  • have a good coach
  • are in good form
  • having no major injuries.

I believe therefor that a country like Wales could suprise us. They have an excellent coach, they are in good form and are though to beat, they're having no big injuries and they have a big star Bale who forces a lot of goals for them.

Something important you should know before the tournement starts you asked?
Well I'm a Belgian and I don't think we are going to get far in the tournement... Yes we have world class players but:

  • Our coaching staff is one the weakest of the tournement. Wilmots plays always with the same style and system so we are so predictible. Write it down, 4-3-3 with a lot of position and few chanses. The Italians will have there homework done...
  • A lot of players also had not a great season or ended the season in a bad way because of injuries. Courtois, Kompany, Hazard, Benteke, Origi, Vermaelen, Lombaerts, ...
  • Maybe the most important thing is that we have a lot of problems and injuries in our defence. For our game today (28/5) against Switetserland, this will be  our defence: Vertonghen - Alderweireld - Vermaelen - Ciman or Witsel.
    Vermaelen played just a couple of games with Barcelona and was most of the time injuried. Vertonghen isn't realy a left back player and our right back defenders are not capable. Witsel is a midfielder, not a defender. And Ciman is just a fair player, he plays in Canada and he is actually more of central defender. It wouldn't surpise me if we would start the European Championship with these defenders: Vertonghen - Vermaelen - Lombaerts (if he's fit, otherwise it would be youngster Denayer) - Alderweireld. Not a defence that will get you far in the tournement because they never played together, the replacing defenders on the bench are of weak level and they are all central defenders. And don't think the coach is considering playing with 3 defenders.

To conclude: Betting against Belgium will gain you money. Don't bet on Ireland or Sweden because these teams or not strong enough to beat Belgium. But bet the first game when they play against Italy and the games starting from the second round. Italy gets 3,20 to win and 3,15 for a draw, I believe these are good odds! And if you want to take your chances on betting the tournement winner, you can already exclude Belgium from the list. Quarter Final is the furthest they will get.

I hope these information was usefull for you.
If someone else has some information to share about their country, please share! :)


Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.

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