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Hi guys,

We have been reading every post on the community so far and it's been a true pleasure watching you sharing knowledge on betting, sports, casino and poker with your fellow community members, now we hope you'll share a bit with us as well.
What we'd like to hear about is your experience so far using the community and what you think can be improved. For this purpose we've created this thread where you can share what you like or dislike so far, and most important as the community is for you: what you think we can change to make it better.

We'll of course read every post and on Tuesday the 31th at 20:00 we will announce what we, the Unibet Community team, believe are the 3 best pieces of feedback/suggestions. The authors of these 3 posts will receive a €100 bonus from us on their Unibet account shortly thereafter.

Nothing is too small or too big to be mentioned so please don't hold back, the community is here for you to enjoy and we will read everything with an open mind and great interest! Smiley Happy

Terms and conditions
- Only one bonus per community member.
- The promotion expires at 18:00 on the 31/5/2016.
- The bonus amount is added to your account with a 3x turnover requirement on sportsbook
-  To read all wagering requirements, please click here
- General Unibet terms and conditions apply
- Unibet reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time
- All offers are intended for recreational players and Unibet may limit the eligibility for this offer and limit stakes at its own discretion
- If your account currency isn't Euro, the amount credited will be determined by the Unibet Community Team. The current currency rate will be used, and the amount will be rounded up/down to avoid odd amounts 

Former community moderator
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Well..not to be to courius but I have to ask about: "quote" Monday the 30th at 20:00 we will announce "end qoute"

Was that today ?

Since it dont said any Month , just to courius so I could congratulate anyone who wonn...but hey I do it anyway in advance :)

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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Thank you so much for pointing that out  and thanks to everyone so far for making suggestions! We moved some things around by a day so we could try and accomodate some of the great suggestions made here, before the public launch. This promotion was one of them yet the only place we didn't edit the date was in this text, that shouldn't happen and I've fixed it to the correct date now :smileyhappy:

We'll announce the ones we feel are the best suggestions tommorrow, Tuesday the 31st at 20:00 CET.

Former Community Manager
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We want to thank everyone for their contributions to the suggestions page, it was a tall order finding the winners when so many great suggestions were submitted between all you Community Launchers :)

In the end we felt that   and  deserved the 3 promised bonuses, given their contribution, but we really do appreciate everyone taking the time to provide feedback on our new site.
Please keep them comming if you have any more suggestions, we want to make the community the best we can for all of you guys :)

Andid, Apoxxy91 and Zipfil, the bonus should be added to your Unibet account and you can accept it in Bonus Offers in your bonus menu.

On behalf of the entire Unibet Community team,


Former Community Manager
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@Valkyrie wrote:

Congrats to the winners! :smileyhappy: Btw, just curious, what suggestions did each of them make and will these become a reality soon? :smileyhappy:

They all had multiple suggestions, some we had already planned to implement, some we can't and some we'd like to try.

For example Andid had these two:

On the community home page, on the right handside there are three panels: "Featured Topics", "Latest Discussions" and "Top Liked Authors". Can we have another panel called "Latest Activities" which shows the latest activities of community members, for example "User A has replied to topic B", "User X likes topic Y."


"Make the Sign-in button bigger. It's hard to notice whether I'm logged in or not".


Appoxy91 had these which we liked:



There should a thread on the main page called Hot Topics(topics with highest thumps up overall) or thread with promotions which have limited time offer (i missed a both community promotions on Championship League final because i don't see it in time /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.png ). The perfect place above/under "The Latest Discussions" "


"Left to the "Reply" button could be created a "Quote" button. I know there is an option to quote after you click reply but its makes quote faster + in the future you could quote several users much faster.


Zipfil also had some great suggestions. This one, while we probably won't do it at the moment, it certainly made us think some more about the structure moving forward and how we can best help each other:

"Since folks could\will have future questions about different "technology" as Browser \ error or generally IT support, maybe have a dedicated Topic for this under Help ?


I have no problem using my time helping out the community members ,also it maybe take a "load" of the Unibet folks if me and others can resolve things easy and fast..just a thought.

Could be anything from Hardware to Software, different OS to different gadgets ( Windows, Cellphones) and so on. No question or problems are to small or to big, there is always a solution"

But again, there where a great many suggestions made by all of you, eg. a few people has asked for a live chat function, which is something we'll also try and see if we can make happen in some capacity :)

Former Community Manager
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OO can only say a BIG thank you :)

Congratulation to all, not only us 3 but the rest who also got the 15 Euro added ;)

I will try to do all I can for this communety and realy hope for more Competisions , because it keep uss more motivated and active, like the famus "carrot" XD

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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