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Tournaments wont start.


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Recently Unibet set the minimum playerlimit to 4 and 5 in the Norwegian Championchip satellites. This is understandable because of the overlay that often happened in those tournaments. The problem now is that almost none of the low buyin tournaments starts and the 100 euro finals have alot of overlay instead (at least in the omaha tournaments). And for most of us 100 euro is a bit to much to buy into a satellite even if there is overlay.

I have a bunch of 1 euro tickets that experience in 4 days that i wont be able to use because almost none of the 1 euro tournaments start.


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Heard from the poker team today , unfortunately I cannot exchange your tickets for ordinary MTT tickets,  but if you'd like then you can have multiple €1 NM tickets exchanged for other NM tickets of higher value. This gives you the opportunity of both playing in multiple qualifiers on different levels - another option is for us to extend your €1 NM tickets and we can do that as well - at the moment about half of the €1 qualifiers have enough players(was the situation yesterday) and you should be able to make use of all your tickets.

Let me know if you'd like extention or exchange to higher vaule and I'll get right on it :)


Former Community Manager
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