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Community holiday


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I already mentioned this in the superuser thread but I am adding a bit more detail.



I would like to a see a community holiday. 

I found this hotel with bowling,aqua park,mini golf etc etc. http://www.crystalhotels.com.tr/en/services/crystal-waterworld-resort---spa/19/170

Would be good to have daily events and have a leaderboard for the holiday using the hotel facilities.

The hotel costs £188 a week for 2 people and includes all food and drink, Could make a sattelite system for people to qualify for a place. Maybe similar to the UK tour with expenses and hotel paid but without an MTT included.

Even though UO events are good for community meet ups, I feel a lot more fun could be had when people have no expenses when they get there and so much more included in a beach hotel like this than a city center hotel.Plus something like this is ideal to bring a partner to, its kinda of boring for a partner to be dragged along to a poker game imo.




You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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