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November Mission Part 2: Play a 'Qualifier'


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This is a combi bug/question thread.

The Bug

If you filter by 'Qualifier' in the MTT lobby (I'm doing it on the web client v1) Step-it-up MTTs show up. Other than qualifying to have more money in your BR by winning them I'm not sure why they're tagged like this :)

The Question

Using the same filter all the Unibet Open sats appear. That makes sense to me, I would consider 'Qualifier' to be the equivalent of 'Satelitte' however from what I remember last month, if you play these, they don't count towards completing the mission. Now the mission does state it needs to have the word 'qualifier' in it, which is fair enough, but why don't the UO sats have qualifer in their title so they count? 

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I understand that it could be confusing but it clearly states that it should be a tournament "with the word qualifier in the name". But as you say, if it is a qualifier it should be in the title.

Tagging isn't enough I guess.


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